FYP pre-production

March 31, 2013 § Leave a comment

Some layout designs that I am still working on for FYP’s pre-production. Revisions have to be made after critics by my Prof.


Was first introduced to monotype printing, and I have my first hands-on experience with the background of in the images.

I was inspired by John Hubley’s stylized animation.

More works have to be done. A complete animation will be up in a year’s time.



November 14, 2012 § 3 Comments

Here is the stop motion animation for Animation Seminar!

Mixture of different techniques which include pixilation, clay, cut out and hand- drawn animation.

The flying part of that fish was the most “head scratching” process. But thanks to the pointer suggested by friend, it managed to fly off successfully.

Uncontrollable & unpredictable outcomes like 3D maya,  I was wondering if I would ever attempt to do stop motion again.

PS: Please watch in HD, it does makes a difference.

Fishy ( In progress…)

November 9, 2012 § Leave a comment


Coming soon….

Spell of love

April 29, 2012 § 2 Comments

Finally done with my puppet animation.
Pardon for the amateurish effects! It was my first attempt, but I do have fun with After Effects. And I feel that it isn’t too difficult to pick up the skill. (in comparison to Maya).


Behind the scene

My trashy room, not for sleeping.


Hooray! We are done!

Pardon for the hand gesture. She’s untamed.

As usual, the problem I faced was with rendering and it took hell long of time to process the whole clip. It ended with a 4 GB plus file.

Anyway, this story is based my thoughts towards the mothers in the world.

They placed all their efforts on nuturing their children, hope for nothing but to provide the best for their children.
It is the unrequited love and care that allows their children to grow up in a safe and happy environment.

This was how I grew up.

Since Mother’s Day is around the corner, I wish all the mothers an advanced Happy Mother’s Day!



Puppet 2

April 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

Deconstructed and reconstructed my puppet because the clay that covered the puppet cracked.  And now it becomes a hairy monster.
I have no idea of the identity of my puppet- Spider? Octopus? Ursula? Don’t ask me.

The set was completed before remaking the puppet.

1 kg- Mache

Newspaper mounted onto the black boards to create volume for the ground. 4 black boards made.

Wet paper mache on top

When the paper mache dried, I sprayed paint over it.

Background props done. Now it’s time for some other props to complete the look.

These were the materials I bought at Art friends after realising that my puppet did not work well.

My third attempt using fur.

Furs are great for texture but they keep dropping every now and then. Most of them ended up in my mouth.

End my post here. Have to go out with my brother for dinner and buy lamps to set up everything by tonight.
Yeah, animating tonight too! 🙂

Good luck to me!


March 31, 2012 § Leave a comment

Completed my puppets for stop motion final project and it sort of wrap up the first round of the whole process.

Got this jumping clay from Art friend and from its name,  I assumed the clay can bounce like elastic ball. The store did display samples of their models made from this clay, and it looked promising because the material met my expectation, something in between silicone and plasticines.

Anyway, I was too naive. When the instruction said ” product will air dries naturally”, it means its word. Never ever try to challenge.

Looked nice but that was the end of it.

It hardened like a solid mass, not to even mention about animating it.

It was announced dead.

Final look of the puppet after redid the skin. Made with plasticine and paper mache over it for the texture.

I really detested the idea of using plasticine because it looks so flat on my model. I decided to give it a try to apply thin layer of  paper mache over it.

It works although there is a  risk of cracking the whole thing up again. You should moderate the amount of paper mache, as it hardened at the end.

Paper mache mixed with green acrylic

Replacement eyes for the demon

A very simple doll. It was created for minimal action.

Props. *Yummy Fetus* 🙂

 Second round is to complete the sets and start animating! 🙂

PS: It is the last day of March, and I don’t feel happy.

Cut out animation

March 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

First cut out stop-motion for school assignment, editing was done in Windows Live Movie Maker and Premiere Pro.

Result was not satisfying. There are too many mistakes in the animation.
So I added in sound effects and fade-in/fade-out to sort of even out the imperfections.

If you can notice in the middle of the animation, there are some air bubbles trapped under the paper. The characters are a bit stiff as well….

The ending is very abrupt because I was too anxious to catch the last bus and did it roughly, so the paper shifted out of its position and there is no proper ending.

Lastly, I was multitasking on my animation and Tori-Q. I got distracted by that box of rice and kept moving back and forth for it, but I spanned 4 hours to finish it despite my high frequency of movement.

Blah…. It was my fault, i was seriously lacking concentration.

100% dedication is needed. One wrong step,  say bye bye to your effort and restart the whole thing again.